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December 02 2015

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the thing about this is that, at first, clear and ren were helping, but clear kept sneaking bits and ren would lick his fingers any time sugar got on it, and then it got a little out of control and he felt guilty about it but it all tasted really good so aoba told them he’d take over and they would have to hold back on further decoration until at least the main structure was built but he’s terrible at this kind of thing so it’s lopsided as heck

((part of my Fuwa Fuwa Days artbook))

October 25 2015

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A giant woman!

Alexandrite finally got back to work on the apple farm

Cosplayer: cosmonautcosplay

October 24 2015


me @ my funeral: *is dead*
the financial aids office: being dead isn’t an excuse you still owe us 50 cents and we don’t take ghost money it has no value here.



I just came to a 2 a.m. realization.

Gryffindor: I want to be.

Slytherin: I will be.

Ravenclaw: I could be.

Hufflepuff: I try to be.

That’s more accurate than most Hogwarts House quizzes. That’s not an exaggeration.

October 23 2015

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Emerald Pools in Zion National Park, Utah

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Blooky taking a much deserved nap.

I would like one of those…can I nap with the ghost?

October 05 2015

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“Hey jim, what was your halloween costume last year?”
‘i was a fridge’

August 22 2015

August 06 2015

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kaworu are u okay

August 05 2015

Maybe it’s brave to quit your job to go paint in Peru for a year, but it’s also brave to work two jobs to help pay for your mom’s medical bills. It’s smart to stay at the law firm until your loans are paid off. It’s OK to only tolerate your job but love your hobbies, because as soon as passions are turned into careers, you risk turning love into work.

So you don’t love your job — who gives a shit?

Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with the way you treat people? Are you happy with your life?

Sometimes It’s Okay to Not Follow Your Dreams   (via jolinxo)



If your family ever feels dysfunctional just remember that my parents got divorced and didn’t tell each other where they were moving to so they ended up moving in the same neighborhood and becoming neighbors

My life is literally a sitcom

August 04 2015

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Has anyone else done this yet? OTL


“I’m going to go to bed now” aka I’m going to start reading fic and continuously calculate how many hours of sleep I’ll get if I “just read for another 10 minutes”

August 03 2015

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Lord of the Gems

A Lord of the Rings/Avengers crossover. 

When the dark lord Thanos begins a quest to get all six infinity stones, it is left to a fellowship of exceptional beings to stop him.

August 02 2015

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Berserk By gold copper

August 01 2015

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*・°☆- Future Vision Gem Tarot -☆°・*

*Future Vision Gem Tarot* is a fan-made, 78-card tarot deck with Major and Minor Arcana. The card backs are designed with optional inverted play in mind too. :D  (The above image includes all of the Major Arcana cards as well as the King cards of the different Minor Arcana suits.)

For more information about all the characters/art included in the deck, as well as to see action shots/photos, just follow the [link]. :D

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July 31 2015

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Different sorting algorithms in action. 

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